NPR Diesel Engine Casting Crankshaft 4BC2 for Isuzu 5123101610

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US $80-105 / Piece | 1 Piece/Pieces engine crankshaft for isuzu 4BC2 (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month 4bc2 engine crankshaft for isuzu
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Quick Details
Crankshaft, npr series
same as OEM
Car Make:
for isuzu
Place of Origin:
Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
12 Months
domestic oem level
Engine Type:
engine parts
car,truck ,construction machine
casting iron
Part name:
NPR Diesel Engine Casting Crankshaft 4BC2 for Isuzu 5123101610
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Packaging Details
Standard export packing or as customers' requirements.
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Shipped in 15 days after payment

NPR Diesel Engine Casting Crankshaft 4BC2 for Isuzu 5123101610



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1.The picture of diesel engine Crankshaft :







2.We have the Engine Forged and Casting Crankshaft as follows :




We have the ability to make the crankshafts according to the customers samples and drawings.


For Caterpillar forged: 3306(4N7693); 3306(S6KT34320-10011); 3304(4N7692);


         Casting: S6K (E200B); 3304; 3306; 3304(4N7692); 3306(2-4N7693)


For Cummins forged: 4BT (3907803); 6BT (3907804); 6CT (3917320); NT855 (3029340); M11 (3073707); D6114; 740(240-1005008);


         Casting: 6BT; D85; NH-220-CL (D80A-12, D75S); HT250 (3960395/3903282); 4BT (3907803) 740 (5,511,153,212);


For Komatsu forged: 4D95; 6D95L (6207-31-1100); 6D102 (6375-01-1310); 6D125(6151-31-1110); 6D95;


         Casting: 6D105(PC200-1.2.3); 4D105; 6D125(PC300); 4D130(D50p.20MT); 4D130(D50p, 20HT); 4D131; 4D132(D50p 20HT); 6D95(PC200-5); s6d155 (HB280); s6d155 (Hv600); s6d170 (HB280); s6d170 (Hv600); 4D95; 4D95L; 6D110(6D105T); 6D125(PC400-3,5); 4D130(PC120,D509,20MT);PC(S6D105)(3-6136-31-1110);PC(S6D110) (4-6138-31-1010);PC(S6D125)(5-6151-31-1010); PC(D85)( 6-6150-31-1120); PC (D155)( 7-6127-31-1012)3,406


for Tofa casting: S75; DL; DG; S88; S89;


for Hino forged: EK100 (13400-1032); H07C; DS70;


    Casting: WO4D; WO6E(FC164,FC166); H06C; H07C; FD6; FE6; EH700(FC172,175,177); EC100; EK100(ZM443); ED100 (XM400); EB300(ZH100,KB212); EF550(RU606,SS633); EF750(ZM440); FD6T; FE6T; W06E(FC166,FC164); W06F; W06E;


for Volvo forged: ITD123 (478676-0);


for Deutz forged: 226B; F8L413; F3L912; F4L912; F6L912; F8L513; F4L913; F6L913; F2L511;


     Casting: F3L912; F4L912; F6L912; F8L513; F4L913; F6L913; F2L511; 912;913;


for Scania forged: 6CIL/6CY (1308467);


for Romania forged: D2156;          Casting: D2156; D750;


 for Ifa forged: W50;


For Isuzu forged: C240; 4JAI (8944552401); 4JB1 (8944436620); 4JB1T (89444436621); 4BD1 (5123101631); 6BD1 (1123104370); 6BD1T (1123104070); 6BG1 (1123104480); 6HE1 (8943950250); 6HH1 (8943932884); 4BC2; C190; 6BB1 (76) (SBR380); 4BD1 (NPR59); 4BD1 (LT6512310631); 6BB1 (76) (SBR380);


     Casting: 6BD1 (1-12310437-0); 6BD1T; 6BB1; 6BG1; 4BD1 (LT6512310631);DH100 (TD72-5-123101631); 6QA1; 6RB1; 4JA1(NHR542,); 4JB1(NKH552,NHR); 4BC2; 4BC1; 4BC2; U.D.TK80-FD6-12207-75514; 4BE1; 4HF1; C190; C223; C240; 4ZB1; 4ZD1; 4BG1; 6HF1; 6QA1; 6RB1; 4BA1; 4ZE1; 8DC8; 8DC9;


For Iveco forged: SOFIM814023 (L) (984145959); SOFIM814023(S) (984119205); SOFIM814023C (99436105);


Stere  forged: WD615; WD618; WD616;      Casting: WD615 (99,112,911,491)


For Mitsubishi forged: 4D30; 4D31; 4D34; 4G33; 4G63 (MD346023); 4G64(MD346027); 4G54; 6D15T (ME032800);  6D31T(ME082505); 4G18;


         Casting: 4G63; 4D30(FE211, BE211); 4D31; 4D32; 4D34(FE34E2); 4D55; 4D56; 4G33(L300); 4G41; 4G54(FC312BE,FC432C2); 6DS70A(T653,FK102); 6D14 6D15(FP415); 6D16(HD900SEU); 6D20 6D22(T850,FP418); 6DB10; S4E; S4F; S4S; 6DS7; 6DS70A; 6DS70A; 6D10; 6D14(FP415,FK415); 6D14(FP415,FK115); 6D22; 6DB10P; 4D30; 4G33; 4G41; 4DR5; 4D55; 4D56; 8DC80A; 8DC81A; 8DC20A;


For Suzuki  forged: F8A; F10A; 462q; 465q;      Casting: F8A; F10A


For Toyota  forged: 13B;


      Casting: 1Y(YH50,60); 2Y(YY50,51,60); 3Y; 4Y(YN60,61YU60,61); 5R(RY16,31RU12,15); 12R(RT30,RH20,RY20); 2L(LN,100); 2H; 1Z; IDZ; 4P; 5K; 4K; 3K; 1B 2B 3B; 13B; 14B; 11Z; 12Z; 2Z; 22R;


For Nissan forged: NE6


      Casting: PE6 (K-CD45); PD6 (Ptl81, CKL, TKL); RD8 (CW50, CKA50CW51, CWA52); SD22; SD23; ND6 (CK10); NE6 (CK12); PD6 (PTL81,CKL); PE6 (CWA45,K-CD45); RD8(CW50,CW51); RE8


For Daihatsu  forged: 370Q        Casting: TF


For Mazda   forged: 6BT; DS70   casting: RF; R2; VA; NA; SL; E2000; H;


For Benz casting: OM352; OM352A (2216, 1516, S411); OM355/5 (1519); OM355/6(2624); OM402


For Ford forged:  CK302


Casting: v702 (xrie-6a266-bc); v702 (xrie-6a267-bc); v702 (xrie-6a268-bc); v702 (xrie-6a269-bc); v03 (irie-6a266-ca); 16(3r23-625q-b); 3d (2800-24); 6.8L (yc2e-6a306-aa); v03 (irip6375-aa3); d351 (42CrMo); v8 series (fd.302.350.460454);


for Ford V8 casting: M375 (429-862561); 442 (10442); 3250(3023250f); g3250f (3023250f); 3250c (3023250c); g3250c (3023250c); 3375l (350375L); 3375(35037557); 3376l (3503756L); 3385l (35038057L); 3385 (35038057); 4375 (40037557); 4376(40037560); 4356 (40035060); 351f (10351wf); 351c (10351wc); 351r (10351wr); k351 (k351r); 239f (239foor); a514 (a51401); 4500(4004500220); 4300 (4004300220); 4150 (4004150220); 526 (1052601); 454(10454); 7256 (p5007256); g7256(p5007257); 7257(p5007257); g7257(p5007257);


for Cato casting: 6D31;


for Vw casting: for vwb4 (484211); for vwb2 (484211); for vw78.8 (47882111); for vw69 (4692111);


for Ford V12  casting: v702 (6303-da); vd3 (6303-ca);


for Bedford  forged: for Vauxhall; ShardlowShaheryar;       Casting: J6-330; 220


for IRQI casting: SW680


for LADA casting: 2101-105015;


for BOLZA casting: 20KG; M-2120KG


for AUTOSAN casting: 6CT107-C133A6-1C115


for Chevrolet forged: V8 cylinder


for Cato casting: 6D31


for HONDA forged: B18 ;B20


for USARace car V8 Forged  crankshaft:


1.351 series


35135005956     35135006200      35137506200


35138505956     35138506200      35137506125


35140006200     35141006200      35141706200




2.352 series(351cc)


35235006200     35237506200      35240006200




3.302 series


30230005090     30231005400      30232505400




4. 400 series


40034805700     40034806000      40035005700


40035006000     40035626000      40036256000


40037506000     40038756000      40040006000


5. 350 series


35034805700     35035005700      35035625700


35036255700     35034805700CL   35037505700CL


35037505700     35037506000      35038756000




6.454 series


45440006135      45437666135       45442506385




7.440 series        44037506760      44041506760


8. Japan   ect


4JB1  4JA1  4G63   4G64   F10A  F8A    6D95


S6k    4JB1T   4BG1   474   B18   for VW1.6


Italy  for iveco 40-10 39-10  49-10




Cast-iron crankshaft




30230005090      30231005400       30234005400


30232505400      30234705400


GM173    529C   383C   350C   350CL   383CL


45440006135      45442506385    45440006135CL


45542102200     45542502200     45540042102200


3.The engine models of above parts are as follows:

4JA1,4JA2,4JB1,4JB2,4JG2,4BA1,4BB1, 4BC1,4BC2, 4BD1,4BD2,4BE1,4BG1,4HF1, 4ZB1,4ZD1,4ZE1,6BB1 6BD1, 6BG1, 6HE1, 6HF1,6HH1,6SA1,6SD1, 6WA1 6WF1, 6RB1,6QA1,8DC8,8DC9,C190,C223,C240, DA120 DA640, DH100, E120PB, 10PA1,10PB1, 10PC1, 10PD1, 10PE1, VJ26 VB430013 etc.

Products include:

1.cylinder block

2. cylinder head

3.cylinder liner



6.connect rod


8.intake gasket

9.exhaust gasket


11.oil pump


13.piston pin

14.piston ring

15.valve intake

16.valve exhaust

17.oil cooler



21.thrust rod

22.water pump

23.oil filter

24.air filter


26.startor kit

28.rod push

29.sea water pump

30.water pump parts

31.sea water pump parts

32.static seal assy

34.assy clutch driven plate

35.assy clutch head and platen


37.fuel jet pump

38.shift power pump

39.shift paddle assy pump

40.hydraulic shift pump

41.air comperssor assy

42.self-stater assy

43.dynamo assy

44.assy water temperature sensor

45.assy revolution speed sensor

46.vent maniford

47.oil staff gauge

48.driving wheel

49.middle cooler etc.


Some products show






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